Friday, March 1, 2013

The Awesome Trip.

The awesome trip is a three week (alright, almost three weeks) road trip I took with my sister, Lindsay, and my two year old nephew, Avery. We started it off by going down to Baton Rouge where are friend Shannon lives. We picked her up and headed out West!! We made several stops in Texas; Austin, Dripping Springs, and Sonora before we headed to Lordsburg, New Mexico for a night. It started to snow so we quickly went to warmer weather; Arizona!! First we went to Tucson and then to Phoenix. In Phoenix Shannon flew back home and Kaare, my brother-in-law and Lindsay's husband flew in. From there we headed to Sedona, Arizona and then to Las Vegas where Kaare's brother and sister-in-law live, Brennan and Katie. Next, we found ourselves in cold weather; Colorado! After a few short days we headed home to Missouri! 

Day one: Drive down to Baton Rouge.

To start off day one, Lindsay and I woke up early (8am is pretty early for me) in order to pick up the rental car and pack it up. 8am was apparently sooo early for me that I slept in until almost 9. This is why you don’t set your alarm at 3 in the morning. 

We used Hertz for our rental car. I was extremely surprised to find out that Hertz was at least $100 cheaper than any of the other rental places around us, and they had a great Triple A discount! I reserved the rental online with a quoted price.

Ford Fiesta! 
 Now, I was "quoted" a price, but it said that it could change at any time. I was skeptical. I thought for sure that we were going to get there and that Hertz was going to find something to charge us extra for! And I was right! We had the option to bring the car back with a full tank or we could pre-purchase 10 gallons (a full tank for our car) right then. The price per gallon was actually 10 cents cheaper than any gas station around us! They did sneakily make up pay more, but it actually saved us money!

There were three cars for us to choose from; a hatch back (way too small), a Ford Fiesta, and a Ford Focus. The guy working also tried to tell me that Ford Focus’s get better gas mileage than Ford Fiestas. Little did he know that I am a freak about my gas mileage and already knew off hand that that cannot be true. I have never heard anything good about Ford Focuses. So Ford Fiesta it was!

Ford Fiesta in the Mountains! 
Lindsay jumped in the car and quickly noticed that the front seat was awkwardly folded forward. She used the lever to push it back to a comfortable angle, but there was no budge! She then walked around the car to check it out. After a quick look around the car, it was very apparent that the tires were balding. She brought this to the attention of the worker and he simply said that all cars go through regular maintenance. He would not even acknowledge that there was a problem.

We inspected the tires and actually found out that they are not as bad as the originally appeared. They were only bald on the outside which could indicate an off alignment. Regardless of whether or not the tires were bald or if the alignment was off, Lindsay declared that she could not drive the car when the seat was in the position it was! I had to see for myself, so I sat in the front seat and tested it out. Sure enough the seat was practically folded and the lever did not do a thing! We were contemplating what our options were. Could we just get used to the seat? Were we going to have to trade it in for another car?  Meanwhile we were both trying to see what we could do for the seat when one of us pulled a different lever and the seat moved back! And everything was fixed!
View on the drive down. Compliments of my iPhone! 

The problem with the balding tires, besides the fact that they were balding and dangerous anyways, is that we were driving through Colorado. Everyone was already giving us trouble for taking an economy car to Colorado's mountain hill! We decided to watch the tires and if they were too bad, we would have to go to Hertz to get another car before we went to Colorado. Done! Everything was all good now and we started to pack away!

My little Kia Rio. Gorgeous, I know.  

Now, the main problem with this car, something we would have to battle the whole time is the size. We rented an economy car which meant that it was tiny. My tiny Kia Rio is way bigger than this car. We packed for a three week road trip anddd we were camping. That is a lot of supplies! There would be three adults and a child at all times in this car (except the drive to Baton Rouge). There was not much room to spare. We had to pack the bare minimum and still did not have very much room.

Welcome to Arkansas! One of the four states
 we drove through. Again, compliments of my iPhone! 
The drive down to Baton Rouge was not bad since we did have a seat open! And the drive seemed to fly by! On the way down Lindsay and I discussed what we should name the car. We could not figure it out just then…. I also managed to lose my sunglasses that day. Really the first day? But I am not complaining because last year I dropped my camera first thing on the trip..

The next day is about our first day in Baton Rouge. I talk about the plantations Lindsay and I went to go visit... and it includes a GHOST story!! It is not advisable for all audiences, but those who love a good ghost story (or a few) will love it! 

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