Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Photo Packages.

Don't know what a photo package is? It is a combination of several print sizes I put together. Then you go in and pick out the photos you would like to have printed for that size and paper type. For some Photo Packages you will be able to choose a single photo. For other photo packages you can choose multiple photos. With some you can even pick photos from several galleries!!

What is the point of a photo gallery? For one, it takes out the guess work of what to buy. The are hundreds of papers to prints on, sizes of prints, and so much more! So, I am making it easier for you! I will pick out the sizes and the paper to be printed! All you have to choose is the photos you want to be printed (and don't worry, I will also suggest photos you will love as prints too!!)

Also with the photo package, I offer amazing deals! You won't be able to pass them up!

So, here we go!

Photo Package #1: New York's Pick Three!

Photo Package #2: Arizona's Pick Three!

Photo Package #3: Florida's Pick Three!

Photo Package #4:

Photo Package #5:

Photo Package #6:

Photo Package #7:

Photo Package #8:

Unsure of how to use photo packages when checking out? Read this blog here:

This blog explains how all the different types of papers and mediums to print on!

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