Thursday, December 13, 2012

Photo Package #8.

Ireland's Pick Four!! 

One Lustre 8x12, one Lustre 12x18, one Lustre 16x24, one Lustre 24x30 print all for a small price of $195.95. 

Pick one photo for each size print or four different photo for three prints. This photo package is reserved for the Ireland Gallery.

If you are not quite sure what a photo package is, read this short blog:
It also lists all of the photo packages I have released so far!

If you are not quite sure what Lustre is, read this blog and watch the videos:

For instruction on how to access and use photo packages, read this blog:
Soon I will have a commercial saying "There is a blog for that" ;)

So, now you know what sizes and what paper to print on! Are you still unsure of what photos to purchase? That is just fine! I will help you choose the photos I know you will love!

 For the 8x12 prints, pick this photo of a fence running across green, grassy field into the distance with grayish blue sky. This photo brings a fresh, calming feel to any room.

You can find this photo on my website here:

For the 12x18 print, I suggest purchasing this view off of a mountain down across the valley. Purple, red, and orange flowers are blooming amiss the lush, green fields. 

You can find this photo on my website here:

For the 16x24 print, pick the photo of the tower castle on top of Cliffs of Moher with pink clouds in background. Every time I see this photo I can picture myself sitting on top of that cliff looking off into the ocean.

View it here:

For the last print, the 24x30, choose this gorgeous photo; Old boat sitting on land by the Galway Bay. Houses lined up in the background reflect in the bay!

View it and order it here:

Now that you have three gorgeous photo picked out, what are you going to do with them? Give them away for a gift... or keep a few for yourself? :)

You can do either with a great price of $195.95! Yes, you heard right! All three of these attractive prints for one price of $195.95! Normally these prints would sell for over $300. That is over $100 in savings! That means that you can buy a gift for three people for just a little over $25.

 How are you going to get this great deal? That is the magic of the holidays :) Also, I have switched to a new more environmentally friendly photo lab. In by doing so I now have better prices! Check it out:

If you have any more questions or comments, message me on facebook, or email me at

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