Monday, December 17, 2012

Photo Package #10.

Scotland's Pick Four!! 

One Lustre 8x12, one Lustre 12x18, one Lustre 16x24, one Lustre 24x30 print all for a small price of $195.95. 

Pick one photo for each size print or four different photo for the four prints. This photo package is reserved for the Scotland Gallery.

If you are not quite sure what a photo package is, read this short blog:
It also lists all of the photo packages I have released so far!

If you are not quite sure what Lustre is, read this blog and watch the videos:

For instruction on how to access and use photo packages, read this blog:
Soon I will have a commercial saying "There is a blog for that" ;)

So, now you know what sizes and what paper to print on! The are so many gorgeous Scotland photos, that I know, it might be hard to pick which one's you want to get printed! That is just fine! I will help you choose the photos I know you will love!

 For the 8x12 prints, pick this photo "Mossy tree with Yellow Leafs in New Lanark." This bold photo brings strength to any room!

You can find this photo on my website here:

For the 12x18 print, I suggest purchasing this picture of a waterfall; "Dark tree in foreground with rushing waterfall in background in New Lanark."

You can find this photo on my website here:

For the 16x24 print, pick the photo of the path down a forest in New Lanark. This photo pops with all of the bright colors seen!

View it here:

For the last print, the 24x30, choose this gorgeous photo of Lanark's lush hillside spotted with sheep!

View it and order it here:

Now that you have three gorgeous photo picked out, what are you going to do with them? Give them away for a gift... or keep a few for yourself? :)

You can do either with a great price of $195.95! Yes, you heard right! All three of these attractive prints for one price of $195.95! Normally these prints would sell for over $300. That is over $100 in savings! That means that you can buy a gift for three people for just a little over $25.

 How are you going to get this great deal? That is the magic of the holidays :) Also, I have switched to a new more environmentally friendly photo lab. In by doing so I now have better prices! Check it out:

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