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This post is about navigating through Brittany Rose Photography's websites purchases! I give detailed instruction on how to navigate through and how to order photos!

An Overview of Brittany Rose Photography's Website
Brittany Rose Photography's home page

First, in order to purchase a photo, go to my website at

At the top there is a navigation bar will all of the states and countries I have traveled to.

Next there are thumbnails of recent photos I have uploaded.

Then there is a enlarged photo slide.

After that there is the "about me" section. Here you can not only find out about Brittany Rose Photography, but there are also links to my blog, twitter, and facebook.

A link to this blog can also be found here for a quick reference!

At the bottom of Brittany Rose Photography, there are separate galleries (not shown in picture.)

Buying One Photo, Multiple Photos, or Making a Card from the Drop Down "Buy" Button

View of a Gallery

The First step in buying a photo starts with choosing a photo!

Choose a photo you will like to buy, don't worry there are almost 300 photos from all over the world!

Directly above the photo on the right hand side there is a button that says "Buy." Click on this button to view a drop down menu.
Drop down options for "Buy"
You are given the option to Buy: "This Photo," "Photos in this Gallery," or "Create a Card."

Options for creating a Card

~If you chose "Create a Card," the first step is to chose a 4x8 flat card or a 5x7 folded card. Then you are directed to a page that gives you 19 categories of celebration including Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentines Day, and more!! You can even customize your own blank card!!

You then pick out the photos you want on your card on the front, inside and back!!

After you have designed and picked out a card, you can proceed to checkout.

Page taken to when buying Multiple
photos in a gallery. 
 ~ If you chose "Photos in this Gallery" under the buy tab, you are taken to a page where you can select as many photos as you would like.

Change Quantity and Currency
At this stage, you can change the quantity of the photo and even the currency you wish to use! You total before taxes and shipping is shown! Once you are done selecting photos hit the "Add Photos to Cart Button."

If you need help choosing what paper you should print on, check out this blog

 A Page will pop up telling you that your photos are in your cart (It will say Processed blank out of blank) At the bottom it has three options: "Back to Gallery," "Select More Photos," or "Go to Cart."

See the View Cart Button? 

If you click "back to gallery", you will be directed to the gallery you were shopping in. From here you can navigate to other galleries to view and purchase photos. Don't worry, the items that you have put into your carts previously will still be there! You can find them in the "View Cart" button which is directly above main photo on the right hand side (next to the buy button). Otherwise, to view your cart, find the button that looks like a shopping cart!
 If you select the option to "Select more photos" you will be taken back to the gallery you were previously in to select more photos to put into your cart!
 If you select "Go to Cart," you will proceed to checkout!

Scroll down for Instruction on Checking Out!

From the Buy drop down box, if you choose "This Photo," you will come to a screen that offers all the different sizes. Don't forget there is also a tab at the top for Merchandise

Here you can choose Lustre, Glossy Matte and Metallic. If you need help choosing what paper  to print on, check out this blog.

Click the plus or minus buttons to increase or decrease the quantity. The total for your purchase is down at the bottom.

The click on the green "Checkout" button.


After proceeding to checkout, you are presented with a page that shows you all of the photos you have in your cart.

If you have only chosen one photo to buy, there will only be one photo here. If your have chosen multiple photos, all of your photos will be present here.

From here you will be able to make changes to your photos!

Close up on individual photo's options. 
You can change the size of each individuality photos by clicking on the "Change" button next to the size you have picked out. You can also change the quantity of that photo by clicking on the plus or minus sign to increase or decrease the quantity.

Keep in mind when choosing the size of your photos that some sizes need to be cropped. The sizes that do not need to be cropped are: 4x6, 8x12, 12x18, 16x24, 20x30, 10x15, 30x45. Don't worry, there will be a notification if your photo does need cropping! And if so, you can adjust how you would like your photo to be cropped by sliding the box that appears over the photo preview. Just click the photo if you need an enlarged version. There is also an option for no cropping. If you do not like how the photo looks when it will be cropped, choose "none" the option listed under the crop section. This will give you your whole photo with white edges.

Now that you have perfected everything in your cart, it is time to checkout! Click on the "Checkout" button. You will be taken to the next page to fill out the shipping address. Don't worry, Brittany Rose Photography will not have access to look at your address and you won't get signed up for crazy spam!

Click on the green "NEXT: Shipping Options" button when finished.

On the next page you will be able to choose your shipping options. There are options that will only take a day to ship to you all the way to options that will take 7-10 days (the least expensive option). The prices seen on the photo to the right may not be the same as your prices since the package size may vary!

When you are finished here, click on the green "NEXT: Payment Info" button.

 Here you will fill out the payment information. Again, your information is safe here!

When you are finished, click on the green "NEXT: Review Order" button. Your order will be presented to make sure everything looks correct! There will be a summary of your order, the billing address, shipping address, and shipping type.

 When you are finished, click on the green "Place my Order" button.

Ta-da! It was that easy! Now you just have to sit back and wait until your photos arrive at your doorstep!!

If you have any more question, please feel free to message me on facebook or send me an email at

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