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 This blog is about how to use photo packages at Brittany Rose Photography!

Each day I will be posting about new photo package! In those blogs I will describe each package and suggest photos that you will love!

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The first step is to, of course, go to!

Pick out one photo you would like to have printed! If you want multiple photos, view those photos and keep them in mind. Some packages will allow you to have multiple photo, sometimes even from other galleries!!

To view the photo packages in detail, visit my blog! There will also be details about fun merchandise  everyone will love!

To start the photo package process, click on the photo you like and view it.
This is what your page should look like once you have clicked on the photo!

Next is to click on the "Buy" button. The buy button is located above the main photo to the right.
Close up of the Buy button. 

Once you hit the buy button a drop down menu will appear.

The last option will be "Photo Package."


Click on "Photo Package"!

 A window will pop up giving you the all the possible options you have with the particular gallery you have chosen!

Are you not sure which photo package to choose? That is just fine! I have blogs about each package and even suggest photos to buy! There is also a small description written on each package in this window.

Once you have decided which package you would like to create, just click on it!

Next, hit the "Continue" button located at the bottom right corner.

 You will be taken to a window where you can select your photos.

This window will be different depending on your photo package selection!

Drag and drop the photos you want into the black boxes.

For some packages you can choose multiple different photos while other only allow one photo.

Also, there are packages that allow your to choose photos from different galleries.
To change galleries, click on the "Change Gallery" button located near the bottom of the page in the middle.

The next steps are the same as other purchases.

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Photo Package #1. New York's Pick Three!

This Blog is about the first photo package I am introducing!

 Don't know what a photo package is? It is a combination of several print sizes I put together. Then you go in and pick out the photos you would like to have printed for that size and paper type. For some Photo Packages you will be able to choose a single photo. For other photo packages you can choose multiple photos. With some you can even pick photos from several galleries!!

What is the point of a photo gallery? For one, it takes out the guess work of what to buy. The are hundreds of papers to prints on, sizes of prints, and so much more! So, I am making it easier for you! I will pick out the sizes and the paper to be printed! All you have to choose is the photos you want to be printed (and don't worry, I will also suggest photos you will love as prints too!!)

Also with the photo package, I offer amazing deals! You won't be able to pass them up!

So, here we go!

The first photo package:
New York's Pick Three!

What is included: One Lustre 8x12 print, one Lustre 12x18 print, and one 16x24 print!
So, you can pick a photo for 8x12, one for 12x18, and 16x24 or you can pick one photo and get it in all three sizes. This photo package is reserved only for the New York Gallery.

If you are not quite sure what Lustre is, read this blog and watch the videos:

For instruction on how to access and use photo packages, read this blog:
Soon I will have a commercial saying "There is a blog for that" ;)

So, now you know what sizes and what paper to print on! Are you still unsure of what photos to purchase? That is just fine! I will help you choose the photos I know you will love!

 For the 8x12 photo go with this spectacular photo of Time Square, "Time Square's Hustle and Bustle."  This  photo will work great as a gift or for yourself!

You can find this photo on my website here:

For the 12x18 print, I suggest purchasing this photo, "Walking the bicycle through a Puddle in Central Park."

You can find this photo on my website here:

This spectacular photo looks even better when blown up as a print!

For the 16x24 print, pick this photo: "Line of Buildings seen from across Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park."

This is personally my favorite photo from the New York Gallery!

This photo is bold, powerful and will be a great addition to anyone's home or office!

View it here:

Now that you have three gorgeous New York photo picked out, what are you going to do with them? Give them away for a gift... or keep a few for yourself? :)

You can do either with a great price of $99.95! Yes, you heard right! All three of these attractive prints for one price of $99.95! Normally these prints would sell for just about $150. How are you going to get this great deal? That is the magic of the holidays :)

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Monday, November 26, 2012

"Landing" In London.

On the plane to London we were given landing cards to fill out. We didn’t know where we were staying that night, so we didn’t fill out a slot for an address. I went first in customs to have my landing cards checked. The guy hardly said anything to me. He just handed me my card and I went on. Once on the other side, I sat down on a bench to see if I could fix my luggage wheel. I broke it while rushing to my London plane. After some time, I noticed that Bailey didn’t come out. I stood up and saw her still at the customs desk. I saw her smiling and laughing so I just figured that everything was okay. When we were on the plane, the flight attendants told us that we couldn’t scratch off anything or make any mistakes. If we did, we would have to get a new card. Well, Bailey made a small mistake. So when I saw her at the customs wall, I thought she was just filling out the card again.

 I still had to exchange my money into pounds. Conveniently there was an exchange desk right there. I walked over and started to exchange. Bailey still did not come out of customs. I could no longer see where she was because there was a wall that blocked my view!! I thought that certainly there was no way that filling out another customs card would take this long. Suddenly I started to panic. The exchanged seemed to take forever when really it probably was very short. I started to wonder what had happened to Bailey. If we were separated, I would have no idea what would happen.

Finally, Bailey came out of customs. Apparently they thought it was really suspicious that she did not have a destination address. The guy checking her card threw a fit. She told them that we have friends here in London and we were going to ask them where we should stay. Which was true!! They thought that it was very suspicious that she had friends here. So they started to interrogate her about “the friend.” They were curious about how she knew this friend, how long they had been friends, and why she was coming to visit. While this was happening, another man walked up to question her. They continued asking about “the friend.” Everything was “fine” until they found out that this friend was a guy. Then they started to become very concerned. They asked her what her relationship was with this guy. I still don’t know why it matters what her relationship was. So what if she was dating this guy. I don’t know what difference that would have made. Yeah, maybe she was coming over to visit her boyfriend. Sometimes that happens.

They asked her if she had a confirmed ticket home. Well, we don’t. First of all, we had not booked our plane ticket because we did not know where we would be flying out of. Second of all, we fly standby. Even if we would have booked our tickets, they would not have been confirmed tickets. Bailey told them that she flies standby because she is a flight attendant. They started to flip. They thought that it was really suspicious that she was flying over here for vacation and did not have a ticket home. I cannot tell you how many people I talk to that do that all the time! She tried to explain the standby tickets with being a flight attendant. Then they thought it was really suspicious that she was a flight attendant and she had not been overseas that often. They asked her if she had been to the UK before. She said no. They saw that she had been to Ireland and threw it her face that she had been to Ireland, trying to tell her that she had been to the UK. She threw it back in their faces that Ireland is actually not apart of the UK. BOO-YAH!

It was just so odd that they thought everything was sooo suspicious. Towards the end, the two workers turned toward each other. One said to the other “Do you think we should let her through?” The other one said “I don’t know, do you think we should?” After debating for some time, they let her through.

The moral of the story is?
 Always write an address down on your landing card! 

The thing that I really don’t get though is if they really did think that she was going to be some harm to their country, if she was a terrorist of some kind, don’t you think that she would have been more careful when filling out her landing card?

Well I was writing this blog I was watching "Locked Up Aboard" for the first time. The episode I was watching was about a few people backpacking in Colombia South America. They were all kidnapped by people pretending to be the Colombian army and held captive for 74 days. Watching this show, especially while writing this blog, made my very happy that we were not kidnapped by anyone.... 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Scotland, United Kingdom.

The Scotland trip started because Bailey found out she had two weeks of work. This obviously meant that we have to travel. While we were in Ireland, we heard about Scotland a lot. So, Scotland it was! We left on October 21 to head to the airport! 

Of course we fly standby so we never know whether or not we are going to make it there. Even though the odds didn't look good for us, I was convinced that we would. We did not get on the first flight, so we continued to wait. We were sitting there waiting when I noticed how annoying the group of people were in front of us. One of the guys had a camera and insisted on taking pictures of everyone in his group… even when they were doing nothing of interest. While there was a one point when Bailey and I were talking, he took his camera, directed it towards us, and took a picture. The flash went off and everything. It was extremely obvious that he took a picture of us! I even stopped talking to say “that guy is taking a picture of us.” To retaliate, I got out my phone. Bailey and I took a picture of ourselves then I turned the direction of the camera on my phone and took a picture of them while Bailey and I were still pretending to pose for the camera. I am almost positive they had a pretty good idea of what I was doing. 

So, that was an interesting start to the trip. While we were sitting there, almost positive that we were not going to make it on the next flight, we started plotting the best thing we could do in order to get overseas. We had booked multiple flights, one to Dublin, Shannon, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. None of them looked promising! While we were sitting there, it popped in Bailey’s head that we should fly into London. Then we could take a train to Scotland! We have friends in London too! The flight loads looked great, but now we just needed to get to Newark! 

Orange-ish red tree amiss rolling green hills,
A view out of plane of States. 
 Another flight passed and we didn’t get on. We had to change terminals for the next flight, which wasn't leaving for another 3 hours. We started to devise what we would do if we didn’t get on this next flight while sitting in between each terminal. Bailey suggested that there might be another flight in between now and the flight we were waiting for. Sometimes when looking at flights as an employee all of the available flights are not listed. So, I get on the regular website to see if there is another flight. There was and it was leaving in 30 minutes! This meant that we still had to go through security and get to the gate! We decided that we might as well try… quickly!

So, we booked it through the airport.When we got to security, there were four separate lines we could stand in. Unfortunately, they were all packed! Bailey and I stood in line.... and waited.We get to security trying to be as fast as possible. Of course they were having trouble with someone in front of us, and they had to double scan their bag!! I appreciate their thoroughness, but not at this time! We get through security and I just grab all of my stuff holding it in my hand instead of putting it back in my bag.

The airport was packed in this terminal! We had to nudge our way through with our rolling luggage . Finally we get to the gate. They were calling group six to board. We stood in front of the gate agents. With most of my experience with gate agents, they are not the nicest people. Especially when you are running up to them when the plane is about to depart asking for a seat! Well these guys were not only nice, but hilarious! Bailey stepped up and asked if they have any seats for standby passengers. One of the guys in a very serious voice says “Yes, for $25,000.” The whole entire time we were there, they kept cracking jokes. Not only was it a pleasant experience with the gate agents, but we had seats! We were both assigned seats in the back, but the gate agent told us to take seats 3a and 3b, economy plus, so we could seat next to each other. They are not supposed to give those seats out if there are seats in economy!

So, we arrived in Newark! Whoo! I was thinking that we had a lot more time than we really did. But either way, we need to get food for the plane ride! We quickly got food and ran off to our gate. While we were rushing there, the wheel on my suitcase suddenly broke. It didn't roll any more. I wasn't too excited that I would have to deal with that for the rest of this trip! As we were getting to our gate, they were announcing group 6 to board! We went up to the gate agent and got out tickets!!! Whooo! Things were looking good! We even had seats by each other! So we headed off to London!!

London tab at
I wasn't very smart on the plane. Instead of sleeping, I stayed up for the whole 7 hours! We had been up since seven that morning and we were going to arrive in London at 7 in the morning or something ridiculous like that! Needless to say, it was going to be a rough day!

Next blog I will talk about London!

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We have print sizes anything from wallet to 30x40 wrapped canvases.

This will be printed at a professional, high quality print shop.

2012 copyrights Brittany Wehrle. All rights reserved. Watermarks on photo will not appear on print.

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The next day, we took a tour to the Cliffs of Moher. I am not going to lie, I was not that excited about this tour. I feel like tour buses are usually pretty cheesy. I thought we would walk up to a fence and look over to see the Cliffs of Moher. To my surprise, it was more than that! 

To start off the morning, Bailey plugged in her hair dryer to dry her hair. The electricity went out and the outlet started smoking. Not just on her side of the room, but the whole entire room! So, Christy walked down to the front desk to let them know. It turns out that she blew a fuse in the entire building. Impressive. After they fixed the fuse, Bailey tried to blow dry her hair. The outlet still wasn’t working. I tried to plug in my laptop in the outlet by me, and it also was not working. We some how broke all the outlets in our room. Bailey had to blow dry her hair in the hallway… It was great.

Mr. Cuddles
View of the Vallet

For our first stop, we went on a walking tour of a farm that went up into the mountains to view the valley down below. It was a perfect sunny day, with clouds in the sky (great for pictures). First we saw Mr. Cuddles, who was actually a cow.

 We walked and each time we stopped to look at the view, it got better and better! We were able to see the Atlantic Ocean, an abbey, the valley, and mountains in the distance. Gorgeous.. 

Up in the mountains, there was a tree with little pieces of fabric tied all over. It was called a leprechaun tree. The purpose: when you had a problem, you would tie something to the leprechaun tree. It was a symbol for leaving your problems behind when you walked away. The even cooler thing about this tree was that the Irish respect these trees very much- so much that when the put in a brand new highway that would have ran right over the tree, they just decided to go around the tree. Everyone was so scared to be the one who tore down the tree, since it is bad luck.

All the different sections of land divided up by stone walls. 
We wrapped around the mountain to view the other side of the valley. There was a patch of land that was divided into maybe 15 or 20 different sections with rock walls. Our tour guide said that the rock walls have been there for thousands of years! I thought the rocks walls would be built with concert or something to hold them together, but it appeared to just be piles of rocks! These rock walls broke down the land into different sections with different people owning each section. The weird thing was that someone would own one section and three sections down, own another, and across the valley own another. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason. You would think that they would own a large plot instead of several sections. Apparently when a section would go for sale, a farmer would buy it regardless of the location.

There were three churches at the bottom of the valley. They were the “Seven Churches” although there was only three… There are symbols of two deer heads that are intertwined. It was a symbol of animals and humans being closer than you would think.
Pinterest Room
At this point we started to head back down. Getting back down was a lot easier than getting up. At the bottom there was the little farm house; the tour guide’s grandmothers. We were invited in for cake and tea. We all thought that was cute and very much like the Irish until we found out that you had to pay for the tea and cake. All of us sat down in the rooms which looked like it was straight from pinterest since it was all so old!

Next we went off to the Cliffs of Moher. When we arrived there, the driver told us that we were able to walk along the cliffs. We could either go to the right or the left. The left would have better picture opportunities and the right had a castle tower. We had about an hour and a half there. Of course we went to the left first. Like I said before, I was thinking it was going to be a walk up and look type of attraction. I was very pleased by the fact that we were walking, which meant more angles to view the cliffs! Also, attractions are so much more meaningful when you are able to walk and explore rather than just look for a few seconds. I was warned that you have to be careful around the cliffs because the winds are very strong. They weren’t kidding. And the cliffs didn’t have a rail blocking them off at all times (which made it even more exciting!!) I was very concerned at points. The wind was so strong that it was blow my hat off at times!

Kisses! These cows were on top
 of the Cliffs of Moher.
They were there and a few feet
over it was a cliff!
Luckily there was also a fence separating them...
but who would have thought to
 put their cows up there?

The walk up was a steep one! Quite the hike especially considering that I didn’t think there was going to be any walks on this tour what so ever! We would stop every once in a while to get pictures. I wanted to be a little rebellious and got close to the edge, for picture opportunities of course! This made Christy a little nervous and I think she was yelling at me the whole time. But I was surprised by the people who were standing right at the edge. I don’t know if they have depth perception?

We were so lucky since we were able to go on a sunny, nice day. We had a crystal clear view of the cliffs and the sun provided the perfect lighting. We were able to stop along and sit down since it was not raining, like it usually is in Ireland. After taking our time on the left side, we decided that we wanted to go to the right side where the castle tower was. We were sure how long it was going to take, so we decided to walk at a very fast pace. There were also stairs on the other side. It was a great workout to say the less. We got to the tower. There was a gift shop at the bottom, and it cost two euro to get to the top. We were not interested in seeing the view from the top so we visited the gift shop and took pictures outside. Suddenly it started to cloud up and the wind really started to lash around. I attempted to take pictures of Bailey and Christy but their hair was whipping around so much that I could not get one decent picture! Although the pictures of them dealing with the harsh winds are hilarious!

We quickly ran back down the stairs only to realize that we have more than enough time! We stopped in one of the shops inside and bought water (mine ending up being sparkling, uck) and tea. We hoped on the bus and headed off!

In the movie leap year, there is a proposal on top of the Cliffs of Moher (spoiler alert). So our bus driver jokingly asked if anyone saw someone getting purposed to. It turned out that one of the couples on the bus got engaged on the Cliffs while we were up there! It was adorable how he did it. He asked someone to take their picture. While they were taking the pictures, the guy pulled out the ring and purposed to her!! So they got it all on camera. Being a photographer, I found that to be especially awesome!!

We headed to another set of cliffs. Unfortunately I don’t remember what these cliffs are called. We were not actually supposed to make this stop, but our bus driver decided that we had enough time to, so he slipped it in (Thanks Healy Bus tours!) Although these cliffs were not as spectacular as the Cliffs of Moher, they were quite the site. Again, you could walk right up to the edge of the cliffs. I didn’t dare since the wind had really picked up at this point. They were also a little scary since there were large cracks in the ground! They were not just a measly foot wide or something. Sometimes they were be three or four feet wide making jumping from one side to the other a little intimidating.  Once at the edge of the cliff we were on, you could see another cliff extending into the Atlantic Ocean. You can see people standing nearly on the edge of these cliffs. They appear to be fishing? Doesn’t seem like a smart idea to me, but whatever floats your boat!

The temperature started to drop as the winds picked up. We didn’t stay at these cliffs for very long before we got on the bus!

We only had one more stop before we were dropped off. It was a castle, the Dunguaire castle. The drive to get there and to get back to Galway was all along the Atlantic Ocean. It was kind of odd because right at the edge of the ocean would be farms which would mean there were cows hanging out on the border. I had never seen something like that. Along this drive, I started to feel horrible. Maybe it was because there was cream in my soup from earlier that day, who knows! Haha. I could feel my blood sugar plummeting. Darn hyperglycemia! I also felt extremely cold, but not from the outside, it felt like it was coming from inside of me. This was no good news bears. I had a few kale chips left, but I was too weak to move and get them. Instead I slouched down in my chair thinking I might die. I continued to take a few photos thinking that it was make me feel better and would keep my mind distracted. Looking back at those photos I took right then gives me the same feeling I felt on that bus. They are all cold, gloomy and dark. It is funny how an artist’s mood really does shine through their work.

Finally we arrived at the castle. I didn’t even know if I wanted to go see it because of the way I was feeling, but I also knew that if I got out and walked around it would make me feel better. Boy, I am glad I did. Instantly I felt much, much better. The view alone was wonderful! It looked out onto a bay. The timing was perfect. The sun was a few hours away from sunset creating a light glow over the bay. Perfect!

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This post is about navigating through Brittany Rose Photography's websites purchases! I give detailed instruction on how to navigate through and how to order photos!

An Overview of Brittany Rose Photography's Website
Brittany Rose Photography's home page

First, in order to purchase a photo, go to my website at

At the top there is a navigation bar will all of the states and countries I have traveled to.

Next there are thumbnails of recent photos I have uploaded.

Then there is a enlarged photo slide.

After that there is the "about me" section. Here you can not only find out about Brittany Rose Photography, but there are also links to my blog, twitter, and facebook.

A link to this blog can also be found here for a quick reference!

At the bottom of Brittany Rose Photography, there are separate galleries (not shown in picture.)

Buying One Photo, Multiple Photos, or Making a Card from the Drop Down "Buy" Button

View of a Gallery

The First step in buying a photo starts with choosing a photo!

Choose a photo you will like to buy, don't worry there are almost 300 photos from all over the world!

Directly above the photo on the right hand side there is a button that says "Buy." Click on this button to view a drop down menu.
Drop down options for "Buy"
You are given the option to Buy: "This Photo," "Photos in this Gallery," or "Create a Card."

Options for creating a Card

~If you chose "Create a Card," the first step is to chose a 4x8 flat card or a 5x7 folded card. Then you are directed to a page that gives you 19 categories of celebration including Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentines Day, and more!! You can even customize your own blank card!!

You then pick out the photos you want on your card on the front, inside and back!!

After you have designed and picked out a card, you can proceed to checkout.

Page taken to when buying Multiple
photos in a gallery. 
 ~ If you chose "Photos in this Gallery" under the buy tab, you are taken to a page where you can select as many photos as you would like.

Change Quantity and Currency
At this stage, you can change the quantity of the photo and even the currency you wish to use! You total before taxes and shipping is shown! Once you are done selecting photos hit the "Add Photos to Cart Button."

If you need help choosing what paper you should print on, check out this blog

 A Page will pop up telling you that your photos are in your cart (It will say Processed blank out of blank) At the bottom it has three options: "Back to Gallery," "Select More Photos," or "Go to Cart."

See the View Cart Button? 

If you click "back to gallery", you will be directed to the gallery you were shopping in. From here you can navigate to other galleries to view and purchase photos. Don't worry, the items that you have put into your carts previously will still be there! You can find them in the "View Cart" button which is directly above main photo on the right hand side (next to the buy button). Otherwise, to view your cart, find the button that looks like a shopping cart!
 If you select the option to "Select more photos" you will be taken back to the gallery you were previously in to select more photos to put into your cart!
 If you select "Go to Cart," you will proceed to checkout!

Scroll down for Instruction on Checking Out!

From the Buy drop down box, if you choose "This Photo," you will come to a screen that offers all the different sizes. Don't forget there is also a tab at the top for Merchandise

Here you can choose Lustre, Glossy Matte and Metallic. If you need help choosing what paper  to print on, check out this blog.

Click the plus or minus buttons to increase or decrease the quantity. The total for your purchase is down at the bottom.

The click on the green "Checkout" button.


After proceeding to checkout, you are presented with a page that shows you all of the photos you have in your cart.

If you have only chosen one photo to buy, there will only be one photo here. If your have chosen multiple photos, all of your photos will be present here.

From here you will be able to make changes to your photos!

Close up on individual photo's options. 
You can change the size of each individuality photos by clicking on the "Change" button next to the size you have picked out. You can also change the quantity of that photo by clicking on the plus or minus sign to increase or decrease the quantity.

Keep in mind when choosing the size of your photos that some sizes need to be cropped. The sizes that do not need to be cropped are: 4x6, 8x12, 12x18, 16x24, 20x30, 10x15, 30x45. Don't worry, there will be a notification if your photo does need cropping! And if so, you can adjust how you would like your photo to be cropped by sliding the box that appears over the photo preview. Just click the photo if you need an enlarged version. There is also an option for no cropping. If you do not like how the photo looks when it will be cropped, choose "none" the option listed under the crop section. This will give you your whole photo with white edges.

Now that you have perfected everything in your cart, it is time to checkout! Click on the "Checkout" button. You will be taken to the next page to fill out the shipping address. Don't worry, Brittany Rose Photography will not have access to look at your address and you won't get signed up for crazy spam!

Click on the green "NEXT: Shipping Options" button when finished.

On the next page you will be able to choose your shipping options. There are options that will only take a day to ship to you all the way to options that will take 7-10 days (the least expensive option). The prices seen on the photo to the right may not be the same as your prices since the package size may vary!

When you are finished here, click on the green "NEXT: Payment Info" button.

 Here you will fill out the payment information. Again, your information is safe here!

When you are finished, click on the green "NEXT: Review Order" button. Your order will be presented to make sure everything looks correct! There will be a summary of your order, the billing address, shipping address, and shipping type.

 When you are finished, click on the green "Place my Order" button.

Ta-da! It was that easy! Now you just have to sit back and wait until your photos arrive at your doorstep!!

If you have any more question, please feel free to message me on facebook or send me an email at

Friday, November 16, 2012

For the second day in Ireland, we went to Galway.

We headed into the center of town, Eyre Square. It is full of shops and restaurants!I was a little uneasy about the restaurants there since I wasn't sure if Ireland would be super vegan friendly… To my surprise nearly every menu I saw had a vegetarian option that was labeled “vegetarian option.” That is a step up from America! So, we picked a restaurant! There was a few other vegan-ish options, like the Greek salad. After we had been ready to order for some time, the waiter finally approaches. I ordered the Greek salad, and she says they didn't have any of the Greek things available that day. I asked her if they could just make a salad with a bunch of vegetables, no meat, no dairy. She immediately says “Like a vegan salad?” I was very glad that she not only recognized that it was vegan, but that she said it! She walked away and then came back and said that the chef didn't have time to make a vegan salad…. Really?

After lunch, we explored. We were told to go to Salthill. There were signs for it, but we weren't sure what it was. Turns out it is a section in Galway known for its bars and restaurants. On the way to Salthill, there is park, Claddagh Park.  This park is like any other park. There are running/walking trails in the middle of the field. Everything should be the same, but it feels different in Ireland. Even the grass is different than in the States. It is somehow greener. Yes, the grass is greener on the other side. Not only is it greener, but it seems softer and longer. All that rain over there is doing them good!  The park also overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. So the grass field led into a sandy beach which was filled with piles an piles of seaweed. It was such a nice, sunny day that of course we had to explore the beach! I was wearing cloth shoes and didn't want to get them sandy, so naturally I took them off to walk bare foot on the beach J
The Ranaway Dog

Walkway to Lighthouse
Claddagh park doesn't require dogs to be on leases. While we were walking through we saw a man jogging with his dog. Well, the dog ran off and started playing soccer with two other people! SO CUTE! When we crossed paths with the guy, Christy commented on how his dog was cute. The man responded and said “Yes, he is insanity.” I thought that was so funny. I would have said “He is insane.” I am not even sure that is correct grammar...

We saw a lighthouse in the distance. None of us have ever been to a lighthouse, so we were going to make this our first! There was a bridge/walkway to get to it. And it wasn't a short walkway, maybe a mile. So we walk to the end of it… and there was a fence and security cameras everywhere. Apparently you couldn't go to the lighthouse without an appointment. But it was a good walk.

The thing that surprised me the most about Ireland is how nice everyone is! Before I left for Ireland, people who have traveled over here before continuously told me how nice the Irish are. I had no idea what that meant until I went there for myself. Anytime we were next to someone Irish, they would strike up a conversation. When they heard our accents and realized we weren't from there, they would suggest a million fun things for us to do. Everyone seemed to go out of their way to be friendly. Multiple time we had cab drivers pull over and write down a list of things we needed to see! One time, we were in a bus station trying to figure out the buses. We stopped a bus driver who was walking by to ask him if a certain bus stopped at a certain town. Not only did he fully explain everything, but he took us to a map, showed us where we were going, then showed us where our gate was, and who are bus driver was. Before he left he made sure there weren't any other questions we had. He answered more questions than I knew I had!
Town of Galway, Ireland. The streets are
closed off for pedestrians to walk on!
For lunch and dinner, restaurants will
set up tables on the streets so meals
can be enjoyed outside! Quite lovely for a sunny day!

Galway was by far my favorite place in Ireland. Next blog I will talk about the Cliffs of Moher Tour!!

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