Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sage, California.

Intermission: In between Quartzsite, Arizona and Sage, California, Shannon, Lindsay, Avery and I made our way to Las Vegas. We stayed with our family members, Katie and Brennan. Thank you Katie and Brennan!! While we were there, we enjoyed showers, restaurant food, and the family... but most importantly... what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Also, Shannon caught a flight home in Vegas ending her road trip experience there :(

Lindsay, Avery and I headed towards Sage, California. The reason we were going to Sage was for the sage. Sage is an herb used for many things including tea and smudge sticks! It is one of those herbs that cures just about everything... not FDA approved, of course >:(

California Mountains!
White sage has purification properties. If you smell it, it will purify your body. If you burn it after making a smudge stick, it is said the purify the air of negative energy... bad ghosts! If you have ever seen Paranormal activity you have seen sage in action! The maid burns it in the beginning of the movie... before the demon arrives!

If you make tea out of it, it will help with stomach ailments, bad breath, sore throats and much more!

Sage plants.
Lindsay sells sage along with jewelry (Lindsay Marie Designs. Check her out! She is great!). She makes loose tea bags, smudge sticks, sage bread, and who knows what else!

Well, sage can only grow at a specific altitude, which makes it hard to find!

But that's not what I am here to tell you about...

I am here to tell you about my adventure to Sage. Lindsay had been here many, many years ago to pick sage. She had no idea what she was doing or how to find it, so she just wondered around until she was ever so lucky to find a whole field of sage!! That was great for her back then, but when trying to find this spot again, not so great! The only thing she could remember was that it was in Sage, California, it was on a gravel road,  and it was a field.

So, we set off to Sage with printed directions and a GPS on my phone. Sage is a tiny little town. My phone actually had a hard time locating it. That is how tiny it is. When we entered Sage, we realized we didn't have enough gas to explore, so we turned around and went back to Hemet, close to Sage, to get gas... Oh, and we did not have cell phone reception!

The horrible gravel road.
Finally, we arrived at Sage, again. We didn't see too many sage plants... You would think there would be a lot of sage in Sage. With our thinking caps on, we found Sage road and started to follow it! It was a horrible gravel road in which you were forced to go 15-20 mph. Not because of the speed limit, but because of how bumpy it was! After traveling for about 5 or so miles, we started to lose hope.... No sage on Sage road in Sage. Just as we were about to turn around, WE SAW THE SAGE! I think Lindsay cried of joy, but don't quote me on that one.

Lindsay jumped around picking the plant, only a little bit on each plant though in order to not kill it! Good job, Lindsay! I watched Avery, who insisted that he played in the road... no.

Picking sage !
Upon arriving on Sage road, I noticed that the road seemed to sparkle. I joked that it was made of gold, since we were in California after all. While Lindsay was running around picking her plant, I inspected this sparkly road. I started to find little flakes that had a gold appearance! I thought for sure I had struck the jackpot and started plotting my life as a millionaire when Lindsay informed me that I found fools golds! Not as cool as gold, but still pretty impressive.

Lindsay picked all of her sage and we started heading out of California.
Hemet, California. View on our way out!

California has checkpoints all around the border. Obviously, some of them are checkpoints for marijuana. In addition, they have vegetation checkpoints. They are no warnings for these, and I had no idea these existed. Upon entering the first one, we thought it was a toll. To our surprise, when we pulled up, the security guard asked "do you have any vegetables, fruits, or cacti?" What if we just went grocery shopping? All that fruit would be wasted? Apparently they don't want to contaminate their fruit with parasites brought in from other fruit and vegetables.

Sage Plants!
Well, here is the part I left out. Lindsay and I did not know if picking sage was legal let alone did we know if it was legal to bring across the border... And somehow there is no information about it online! Here is another part I left out, sage smells a whole hell of a lot like marijuana. When going through a check point, they tend to look for cars that are weighed down with a lot of luggage, a car that looks like you are using to smuggle marijuana out of California. Well, of course we had a lot of luggage! We were on a two week road trip! We had already had a lot of problems with the checkpoints already... You can imagine our anxiety, especially since it was a full moon... and since our car looked and smelled like it was full of marijuana!

We started plotting way to make us not look like we were smuggling marijuana, like we were NOT stoners! Lindsay always wears a scarf on her head. We decided that it had to come off, too much like a stoner scarf. We also were going to roll down the windows when we were about to approach checkpoint to clear out the smell. That was the best we had...

Sage bundles on our dash board...
We started getting closer to the checkpoint and our nervousness started growing. Suddenly, Lindsay had a stroke of genius! She remembered that while we were staying in Quartzsite, we traveled into California, only a 20 minute drive, to get to the closest Jack n' Box and then we traveled back. We happened to be on that same highway. She declared that we should go to that Jack n' Box, get food, and eat it while crossing the border. If we did get stopped, we would tell them that we were staying in Quartzsite and we went to California to get food. Seems believable, right? Looking back on it now, stoners would totally be eating Jack n' Box.... didn't really help our case!

That was the plan, we started our way out of California with our Jack n' Box and high spirits that we were not going to get arrested that day. We counted down the mile markers, mile number 6, mile number 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Wait, we somehow got into Arizona... And there was no checkpoint!!!! After all of our worries and plotting... no checkpoint!

We were so excited that instead of camping that night to get rest for our journey home, we decided to keep driving... all the way home. 25 hours. Hardly any sleep. But not getting arrested was a great end for our wonderful trip!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bird sitting by pond in Central Park!
Slow motion photo of Street by M&M store near Times Square with cars passing by!

Lindsay and Shannon heading towards Bell Rock Mountain 

Bell Rock Mountain January 1st, 2012

Twisted Juniper tree!
Bell Rock Mountain lies South of Sedona in the Village of Oak Creek. Sedona is one of the highest energy concentrated city in the world! This is because of the energy vortexes, subtle releases of energy let off by the surface of the Earth. Upon entering Sedona, people are able to feel the energy of the vortexes which only gets stronger as you get closer to the vortex. Besides the good mood, another sign that you are getting closer to a vortex is a twisted juniper tree. Juniper naturally grows straight like pine trees, but juniper trees are very sensitive to energy. The branches of the trees actually twist due to this energy effect!

Four major vortexes exits around Sedona. One of which is on Bell Rock Mountain. We obtained a map of the vortexes, which was accidentally left in the car when we went on our hike!

Pile of Rock on Bell Rock!
When visiting Sedona, Lindsay suggested that we go on a hike in one of the many mountains. Shannon, Lindsay, Avery and I headed to the tourist information center where there information guy gave us two "easy" hikes near the vortexes. Easy since we had Avery. After a failed attempt with Cathedral Rock, we went to Bell Rock Mountain. Bell Rock has a wide gravel path that wraps around the mountain to the back. Then, the path suddenly disappears. Your choices are to either turn around and go back or to climb the rocks. We didn't want our adventure to end, so we climbed... Even with Avery in a rickety sling on Lindsay's back... Rebels.

Happy New Year's runners
Since the back of the mountain was in shade, we decided to make our way to the side. More sunlight, better pictures. We found a peaceful area to rest. Avery ran around and pretended like he was a mountain goat with Lindsay close to his side! Shannon and I enjoyed the sun and taking pictures! We could see people meditating on top of the mountain, how peaceful! In addition, there was a group of runners who were stopping along side the mountain to scream "HAPPY NEW YEARS!" It was a wonderful way to start the new year!

Vortex tree with Lindsay and Avery standing in front

When we start to explore the mountain again, we found a juniper tree that seemed to be twisted in every which way! We stopped to take pictures and to sit and relax. After we got back to the car, we looked at the vortex map. Sure enough, the vortex appeared to be right by the tree we found! Looking back, we noticed that our moods were the best while we were there! Again, such a perfect way to bring in the new year!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tuzigoot National Monument.
Another place Lindsay, Shannon, Avery and I visited while we were camping in Sedona was Tuizgoot's monument. This is a Pueblo ruin which housed several "clusters" of buildings. Most of the rooms are only left with short walls (as seen above) but the top room is complete after a few reconstructions (as seen to the right). At the top room, there is a ladder and a trap door to the reconstructed roof.. Great for taking pictures! 

Montezuma's Castle

Montezuma's Castle

White Birch Trees around Montezuma's castle.
For the first official day of camping in Sedona, Lindsay, Shannon, Avery and I drove to Camp Verde to visit Montezuma's castle. Montezuma's castle is a cliff dwelling, houses built into a cliff! An interesting fact about Montezuma's castle; it was not Montezuma's and it was not a castle. When it was found years after it was built, American's assumed that Montezuma, Aztec emperor, has something to do with this creation. He was actually born 100 years after this was built... Not so much. 
Picture of the castle from a distance 

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida Palm Trees

Clouds on a Spring day!

Birds on feeder

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